National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month! The Atrocious Poets are hosting a citywide event throughout the month of April called One City, One Poet. We are participating with custom coffee and cocktail drinks, poetry to-go on our cup sleeves, and special poetry events.  


The Honey & Salt Latte is flavored with delicious salted honey caramel.


Honey and Salt by Carl Sandburg

There are sanctuaries

holding honey and salt.

There are those who

spill and spend.

There are those who

search and save.

And love may be a quest

with silence and content.

The Smoke & Steel Cocktail features a lavender gin, house-made smoked bitter grapefruit liqueur, white vermouth and garnished with a brûléed candied orange peel. 


Smoke and Steel by Carl Sandburg

Smoke of the fields in spring is one,

Smoke of the leaves in autumn another.

Smoke of a steel-mill roof or a battleship funnel,

They all go up in a line with a smokestack,

Or they twist … in the slow twist … of the wind.

Poetry by Carl Sandburg line the sleeves of each drink in April, energizing your mind with more than just caffeine... Five different poems were printed, think you can collect them all?


We partnered with Atrocious Poets for a poetry-writing workshop led by Mojdeh Stoakley, Director of the National Poetry Slam, and Education Director for Poets with Class through the Poetry Center of Chicago. It was an inspiring night for all!